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Tech Initiatives 

Through our TNT Tech Initiatives, Tech in the Tenderloin supports tech innovations that improve the lives of our communities by reducing obstacles to tech access, empowering residents and making their neighborhoods better places to live.  

Current and Past Tech Initiatives

Black Hawk night.jpg
Live at the Black Hawk
2 locations: Boeddeker Park and the corner of Turk and Hyde, SF
First Launch August 2021
This public, community-benefit project recreates the Tenderloin's world-famous Black Hawk Jazz Club in Augmented Reality (AR), reconnect residents and visitors with the neighborhood's rich tradition of innovation and inclusion, and provides a virtual art, music and history gallery for local youth and artists to showcase their works. This project is partially sponsored by grants from the U.S. State Department, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and the San Francisco Arts Commission.
Sept 2018-Sept 2020
TeenTend mobile AR app
This innovative project was created by Faranak Razavi, founder of Naptime Studio and winner of Tech in the Tenderloin's 2017 TNT Tech Award.  The first of its kind augmented reality app gave real-time, direct voice to youth, family and residents of the Tenderloin neighborhood and beyond by enabling them to visualize their feelings through the use of AR overlays onto their neighborhood as viewed through their mobile phones. 
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