Tech in the Tenderloin partners with local organizations, businesses and institutions to produce public community events that increase exposure and access to emerging tech in low-opportunity neighborhoods.  Our signature event is our annual TNT Tech Festival.
What's a Tech Festival?  
Well imagine, the coolest tech companies exhibiting their latest augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics and other tech experiences.  Now add in amazing tech non-profits and social enterprises that can connect you with cool activities and programs.  Then sandwich in a bounce house, carnival games, face painting and balloon animals along with yummy carnival food.  Can you see it?  That's it!  

UPcoming Events

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Past Events

2019 TNT Tech Fest
On June 28, over 30 Bay Area tech companies and non-profits joined 400 kids from the Tenderloin and beyond at Tech in the Tenderloin's 3rd annual TNT Tech Festival.   It was a great opportunity for everyone to get their hands on the latest tech, fun carnival games and yummy food. Middle Schoolers loved the festival, but families and kids of all ages (from 3 to 90 years old), had a great time.    

2018 TNT Tech Festival

On June 29,  over 30 Bay Area tech companies and non-profits shared their coolest tech with 200 kids from the Tenderloin and beyond at Tech in the Tenderloin's annual TNT Tech Festival.   The festival was free and open to the public.  Hundreds of middle and high school age youth gained first hand access to cutting edge tech and got connected to tech programming.  The teens enjoyed the fair, but a good time was had by kids of all ages, from 0 to 90.   

2017 TNT Hackathon

During this 12-hour hackathon, neighborhood youth, community leaders and university students were challenged to reimagine the livability of our cities.  They worked together to solve their neighborhood's and our cities' toughest sustainability challenges using augmented and virtual reality technologies. The day ended in a heated pitch competition with contestants competing for great "opportunity" and "experience" prizes while being judged by prominent regional business and government sustainability and tech leaders.   

2017 TNT Tech Festival

Kids came for the fun, but stayed for the tech, at TNT's first annual Tech Festival. It was an afternoon filled with food, festival games and amazing tech including augmented reality and virtual reality games and experiences. Kids and families also had the opportunity to connect with local tech and community non-profits.